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We know the challenges. We know the mechanisms. We know the consequences. And we care. But how can we shape the future? What does it really take to change course?

The good news is that, despite stiff resistance from established institutions, a global movement is gaining strength as millions of people engage in the work of building a global society that is sustainable, just and equitable. They are united by a positive vision for a sustainable and equitable world in which humanity lives in peace with nature and itself a world more secure, stable and habitable than the one we live in today.

This groundswell is aided by unprecedented innovations in technology and communications, higher levels of education, greater democratic freedom, greater tolerance and international understanding, increasing capacity for organization and progress of all types of social institutions. We are not lacking alternatives; concepts, mechanisms, ideas and innovations that would help to change the world.

Humanity is not lacking knowledge. It is not lacking alternatives. And many people care.

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Toward Inspired Responsibility

written by Ljudmila Mila Popovich, World Academy of Art & Science, Comparative Literature, University of Colorado at Boulder

Looking forward to more hopeful ways of engaging people without threatening them into action, this is a call for a change in the way we communicate critical issues. Change is needed in public interaction [...]

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Establish World Democracy and Redefine Values

written by Orio Giarini, Honorary Member of the Club of Rome, Member of the Board of Trustees of the World Academy of Art & Science, Editor-in-Chief of Cadmus Journal

I would like to take this opportunity to stress a few points: [...]

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The Only way to Grow is Up

Reflections on the Deep Civilizational Work of the 21st Century

written by Ruben Nelson, Executive Director, Foresight Canada

“Learn the future faster in order to cooperate with our own evolution.”

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Alternative visions of life

written by Dr. Bruno Stöckli, Bread for all,

What do humans need to survive? A dollar per person per day according to UN organizations [...]

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The new economy must be a sustainable one

written by Elsa Porter, Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science

The world is in for a hard ride in the next half century. [...]

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What we can do!

written by Marilyn Mehlmann, Head of development and training, Global Action Plan (GAP) International

There are five things that we can do to change the world!

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Infoglut Management: Facing the Perfect Storm

written by Michael Marien, Director of

We are missing a master paradigm — the growth of infoglut (illustrated by I=POT) that cripples necessary progress toward changing course.

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A new alliance for global change

written by Bill Drayton and Valeria Budinich, Ashoka, 

Working together, corporations and social entrepreneurs can reshape industries and solve the world’s toughest problems.

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A Smiling World is possible

written by Natija Dolic, Philanthropy Advisor, LGT Venture Philanthropy

Around the globe, mankind is confronted with social and environmental problems at an unprecedented scale. [...]

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Sustainability in the corporate world

written by Anna Tuson,

The corporate world is slowly beginning to realize that sustainability is not just about profit as an increasing trend points to the link between environmental and social sustainability and long-term financial sustainability. [...]

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Change the course of how we think

Written by Andrea Schaller, founder of the Global Environmental Society

We are often led to believe that the simple solution is the better one. And in many cases this is correct. [...]

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Going full circle

by Francesca von Habsburg, The Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21) foundation

I believe that by embarking into the unknown, having the courage to take necessary risks and having faith enough in humankind, we all can participate in [...]

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Self-sufficiency on the upper deck

written by Dr Nicole Werner,Programme Officer International Environmental and Climate Politics, Alliance Sud 

Cartoon "Cruising with Mr. Status Quo": Copyright by Wiley Miller

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The proposal for a High Commissioner for Future Generations

written by Alice Vincent, Policy Officer, World Future Council

Why do we need a High Commissioner forr Future Generations? Because we are a very special generation: [...]

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Changing Course: Time for Emergency Action

written by Ian Dunlop, Director of Australia21, Chairman of Safe Climate Australia, Member of the Club of Rome

Governments and corporations globally acknowledge that climate change and resource depletion are serious issues requiring urgent action. [...]

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Degradation of the Oceans: A change in Course.

written by Anitra Thorhaug, Ph.D. Member Club of Rome, Yale University, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Greater Caribbean Energy and Environment Foundation

The world's largest ecosystems are being systematically [...]

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A plea World in Balance

written by Prof. Dr. Dr. F. J. Radermacher, Forschungsinstitut für anwendungsorientierte Wissensverarbeitung/n (FAW/n)

The global problems are enormous and turn out to be more pressing every day. Humankind is confronted with [...]

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What can be done to change the course?

written by Dr. Johannes Meier, CEO, European Climate Foundation,

 “It wasn't until we were in the lifeboat and rowing away, it wasn't until then Irealized that ship's going to sink.” – Eva Hart, Titanic survivor [...]

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Change the course and challenge the best

written by Simon Ilzhoefer, University of Sankt Gallen, Switzerland,

“Changing course“ requires the courage of telling the Captain that he is wrong. This is exactly what the student-led conference [...]

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Business as usual

written by Hannes Weigt, Assistant Professor Energy Economics, University Basel, Switzerland

BAU. This acronym for business-as-usual indicates in most long-term energy forecasts [...]

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The real challenge: people’s awareness and the usage of ‘good technologies’

written by Moritz Meenen, Co-founder and CEO of ElectricFeel,

In the past years, many more people have become aware of at least some of the grave problems our society is facing independent of religion [...]

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Green investments lead the change in course!

written by Hazel Henderson, D.Sc.Hon., FRSA, Honorary Member, Club of Rome, Ethical Markets Media, LLC (USAandBrazil)

The Green Transition Scoreboard® (GTS) tracks private investments in green markets worldwide. [...]

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Time to tell a different story rather than try and keep the old one afloat!

written by Martin Palmer, Secretary General, ARC Alliance of Religions and Conservation,

The image of the Titanic offers much to contemplate about human pride and arrogance; [...]

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Modern economics is sinking too

That's a good thing.

written by Graeme Maxton, Fellow of the International Center of the Club of Rome

Four years ago, modern economics hit an iceberg, in the shape of the global financial crisis. [...]

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Mankind and Biodiversity - Take Action to Avoid Collision

written by Calin Georgescu, Secretary General, Romanian Association for the Club of Rome

Humanity has moved from using about half of the planet’s bio-capacity in 1961, to overshoot today. [...]

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Change course to feed the world

written by Caroline Morel, Executive Director SWISSAID,

Today, enough food is produced to feed every human being on this planet. [...]

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How to change course - and to avoid collision

written by Ernst von Weizsäcker, Member of the Club of Rome

The Titanic went on collision course. Humanity has a chance of avoiding collision. [...]

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It is time for the usage economy

written by Mathieu Stremsdoerfer, social entrepreneur at Hub Zurich

There are only three ways to respond to the imminent collision. [...]

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Change the course - and avoid an uncomfortable crash landing

written by Dr. Mathis Wackernagel, President of Global Footprint Network. Find more about the Footprint at

More than 25 years into ecological overshoot, we are nearing the storm. [..]

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Mankind, Limits and Disaster

written by Dr. Thomas Schauer, Director of the Club of Rome European Support Centre

When the first report to the Club of Rome by Donella Meadows, Dennis Meadows and Jorgen Randers was published in 1972, [...]

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The theatre, a jester with impact?

written by Marc Baumann, Managing Director, Theater Winterthur

Various politicians refer to the famous quote of Émile de Girardin1: «Gouverner c’est prévoir» [...]

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How do we change course?

written by Garry Jacobs, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, World Academy of Art & Science

The metaphor of the Titanic is very apt. The world is once again steering a blind course, only now the ship is much bigger, [...]

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Crisis and Corporate Social Responsibility

written by Domenico Romeo, Fellow of the World Academy of Art & Science

In the ancient Greece the word crisis (krisis) meant hazard but also decision. [...]

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Helmsmen should not smoke or why capitalism is the agent to change course

written by Tobias Reichmuth, CEO SUSI Partners AG, Member Investment Committee

Smokers ignore the effects each cigarette might have on their health until it’s too late. [...]

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The Transport Overshoot

written by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Meyer, Honorary President, International Association of Public Transport (UITP)

Physical mobility, as starting-point for all discussions related to transport policies, is undoubtedly [...]

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If you change your world, you are effectively changing the world

written by Karl Wagner, Director of External Relations at the International Center of the Club of Rome 

The world is already undergoing change but it still takes an effort to spot it, because [...]

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Another world isn’t just possible - it’s happening.

written by Bertram von Czettritz, The Hub Zürich

As we are facing multiple crises in the global economic, social and ecological spheres, innovative solutions are needed to tackle the many challenges at hand. [...]

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The state-based global system – On the route of the Titanic

written by Franz-Josef Radermacher, Member of the Club of Rome

Ever-accelerating global casino-capitalism allows for ever-accelerating speculations, creatively designed, marked and manipulated anywhere and anytime. [...]

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The key global problem of the next 40 years

written by Dr. Philip M. Marshall, associate editor, Journal of Sustainable Forestry, Member, USA Club of Rome

In my opinion, the key global problem of the next 40 years will be the (re)collision of human economic activity with the limits of primary productivity of ecosystems. [...]

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How Do We Change Course?

written by D. Jane Pratt, Member, Club of Rome
An existential threat to humanity exists. It stems from the perfect storm:  the three drivers of climate change, over-population, and conflict. [...]

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Leadership is the ideology of the dead. Principles are the key.

written by Bernice Lee MSc, Director, Leemax:

To change course, we need to abandon notions of leadership and think instead about social progress, based on principle. [...]

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What Keeps Us From Turning the Ship?

written by Dave Gardner, Director of GrowthBusters

Some of us have been blessed with the open eyes and minds to see where our current compass heading will take us. [...]

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Sustainability – not without frugality

Source of the above picture:Source: Hartmut910  /

written by Öbu - Netzwerk für nachhaltiges

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How to change course?

written by Dr. Maximilian Horster, founder and managing partner of Climate Neutral Investments, the provider of climate action solutions of South Pole Carbon.

The metaphor of the Titanic bound to collide with the iceberg is a powerful one. [...]

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