The Club of Rome is organizing the Change-Course-Conference from December 8th to 11th 2012 in Winterthur, Switzerland and is planning to invite approximately 50 dedicated and creative young people from all over the world to attend. They will exchange views, discuss their generation’s future and the challenges they will face, and seek the common ground that underlies their initiatives, approaches and ideas.

Through a public event and a series of all-day workshops, and in the context of the 40th anniversary of “Limits to Growth“, the participants will analyse the current situation, as well as the root problems of our system, and focus on how change can effectively be triggered.

The conference will focus on questions concerning the expected future, the need to change course and the analysis of the possibilities and prospects for change. This will not use the usual ‘old’ concepts which try to tackle certain aspects of the overall problem because well intentioned approaches to make changes within the existing structures have, so far, only met with limited success.

With the Change-Course-Conference, the Club of Rome wants to create a permanent platform to share and exchange ideas and thoughts in the debate on the objectives and nature of a desired future. As part of a campaign that will start after the conference, we want to highlight the demands and insights of young adults and take concrete action to grasp and widely communicate measures towards a better, joint future.


Dear Applicants to our Change Course Conference: The application is now closed! We are overwhelmed by the huge amount of applicants for our Change Course Conference and would like to thank everyone for sending in their applications! Please note that due to this high amount of responses we will need more time to complete our selection process. All the accepted participants of our conference will be informed as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.